Welcome to the website of Rabbi Paul H. Levenson.
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Q. What is RabLev.com all about?
A. This website will bring you many original songs that you’ve never heard before.

Q. How come I never heard them?
A. Because you never attended a Jewish service where Rabbi Paul H. Levenson sang them, often accompanying himself on his guitar. He’s been doing that for 45 years!

A world famous writer, actor, and director once asked how many people had heard Rabbi Levenson speak, lead services, and entertain in his lifetime. Averaging the numbers attending services of all kinds over 45 years, including Sabbath Holy Days, Weddings, Special Ones, e.g., Israel Independence Day parades, music festivals, Jewish festivals (20,000 in Kansas City, MO in two weekends), the total is more than 300,000 people/fans who remember him very well!

That's a huge number of people in the world
who HAVE heard Rab Lev.

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Explore. Listen. Enjoy. Share. And sing.